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10 Scams Targeting Bank Customers

The basics on how to protect your personal information and your money En Español The FDIC often hears from bank customers who believe they may be the victims of financial fraud or theft, and our staff members provide information on where and how to report suspicious activity. To help… Learn More

Avoid Fraud and Protect Your Privacy: Tips for Young Adults

Avoid Fraud and Protect Your Privacy These days, anyone can be targeted by a fraud artist intent on stealing money or collecting Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, passwords and other information that can be used to access accounts and go on a buying or borrowing spree. Here are… Learn More

5 Things to Know About Safe Deposit Boxes, Home Safes and Your Valuables

1. Think about what should or should not be kept in a bank’s safe deposit box. Good candidates include originals of key documents, such as birth certificates, property deeds, car titles, and U.S. Savings Bonds that haven’t been converted into electronic securities. Other possibilities include family keepsakes, valuable collections,… Learn More

Weighed Down by Debt? Here are Ways to Ease the Load

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by debt, it’s crucial to find a solution. FDIC Consumer News offers a few tips for what to do. Contact your lender immediately if you think you won’t be able to make a loan payment. “Lenders generally prefer to work with customers to find… Learn More

10 Ways to Protect Your Personal Information and Your Money

Audio (MP3 12.5 MB) The news often includes reports about thieves gaining access to sensitive personal information that can be used to commit fraud or steal money, sometimes involving major security breaches at large companies such as retailers. “These reports may cause some consumers to be skeptical about engaging… Learn More

Computer Security Tips for Bank Customers: A Basic Checklist

Computer-related crimes affecting businesses or consumers are frequently in the news. While federally insured financial institutions are required to have vigorous information security programs to safeguard financial data, consumers also need to know how to protect and maintain their computer systems so they can steer clear of fraudsters. Here… Learn More

Protect Your “Cyber Home” With a Solid Foundation

Simple steps to secure your computers and mobile devices for Internet banking and shopping Your home has locks on the doors and windows to protect your family and prevent thieves from stealing cash, electronics, jewelry and other physical possessions.  But do you have deterrents to prevent the loss or… Learn More

Safe Shopping, Buying and Paying: How to Protect Your Money

Criminals often try to steal money or commit fraud by targeting consumers as they are buying and paying for things or by obtaining valuable personal information from previous purchases. We have compiled simple ways to help you be as safe as possible. When Shopping in Person Provide only the… Learn More

Protect Yourself From Mortgage Scams

Let’s say you are a homeowner in financial distress and at risk of losing your home. You may also have heard that the government is requiring mortgage servicers to mail offers of assistance to borrowers who are behind in their payments. Then, an official-looking letter arrives “guaranteeing” to save… Learn More

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