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Teaching kids about money, Grades 9-12

Here are key tips to help your high school students begin to connect the facts of personal financial education with real-life opportunities … and then to begin implementing them. Get to know what taxes are: If you haven’t already, review a pay stub together and explain that the taxes… Learn More

Teaching kids about money, Grades 6-8

Middle-school children are more likely to begin earning money outside of the house, and their increasing “wealth” and independence can open the door to costly impulse purchases. What advice can parents and guardians pass along to them? Work more, earn more: Create opportunities for your child to earn more… Learn More

Teaching kids about money, Grades 3-5

Kids in this age group are ready for meaningful lessons about saving and spending money wisely. Many also are ready to open their first savings account, if they haven’t already. Here are key concepts to teach. Think before you buy: Continue discussing with children how to separate their needs… Learn More

Teaching kids about money, Grades Pre-K to 2nd Grade

Children in this age group are naturally curious about the world around them, including money. By introducing several basic concepts — and being a good role model — you can help them gain financial skills that can last a lifetime. Learn about how money is made and used: Children… Learn More

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