Grace Harrell is an Emporian who, after moving to Los Angeles, continues to bank with LCSB and save money with her Bazing checking account:

I absolutely love my BaZing checking account! At first I didn’t know if I would be able to use any of the local coupons and discounts because I live in Los Angeles. Not only does the mobile app help me deposit checks, but the BaZing mobile app gives me coupons and discounts anywhere I travel in the USA.

Within the first month of my having the account it more than paid for itself 100 times over! My cell phone broke and the BaZing checking account had me covered with insurance and I got paid $400 to replace my cell phone! Just a week later I had a flat tire and BaZing was right there to help me get out of that jam by getting me roadside assistance at no cost to me! At this point I can’t wait to see what else will happen so I can use my BaZing account. Thank you Lyon County State Bank. Banking with you has made my banking life fun!

Grace Harrell
Model and actress
Los Angeles, CA

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