Protecting Yourself From Debit Card Fraud

There has been an uptick in debit card related fraud around the U.S. over the last several months and it is having a major impact locally too. Rest assured that it is not exclusive to Lyon County State Bank customers and that as fraud is reported, we are engaging the Emporia Police Department. According to the EPD, several local financial institutions are reporting fraud against their account holders.

Unfortunately, fraudsters have more and more access to technology that makes it increasingly difficult to protect yourself. The rise of “skimming” devices allows them to capture all the details stored in the card’s magnetic strip. Skimming devices can be placed on ATM’s and we have seen them installed at local gas stations as well. In many cases, they are nearly impossible to spot and consumers do not notice fraudulent charges or money withdrawn from their accounts until later.

How can I protect myself from debit card fraud?

We recommend running debit card transaction as credit and avoid using a pin number. If you need to use your pin, cover your hand as you enter the pin to prevent cameras from capturing your key strokes. With the heavy amount of fraud that is affecting Emporia and the surrounding communities, we also recommend that you avoid using your debit card as much as possible. Instead, rely on cash, checks or credit cards. To protect yourself at local gas stations, prepay for your gasoline inside with cash or check rather than paying at the pump.

How is Lyon County State Bank protecting my account?

With so much fraud taking place away from the bank and in other communities, it is extremely difficult to prevent fraud from happening. We have full time fraud monitoring specialists who work to identify fraud as soon as possible and proactively contact customers who have become victims. However, your help is needed too. Monitor your accounts daily for any suspicious activity.

If fraud is detected on a card or if we see that a card was used at the same time and place as other cards with fraud activity, we will be shutting those cards down to protect the consumer’s account. We are also having to place blocks on certain types of businesses and locations in order to stop the losses.

If you suspect your LCSB accounts have been compromised, contact the bank immediately. If you notice suspicious activity outside of normal banking hours, contact the Fraud Center at 1-800-417-4529. Customers will receive an email, text message or a phone call to follow up on a blocked card to confirm a transaction is fraudulent. We also recommend you save this number in your phone as “Fraud Center” so you know you have the correct phone number.

To report a lost or stolen card 24 hours a day call 1-866-546-8273.



Kyle Thompson

Assistant Vice President

Lyon County State Bank