Positive Pay Processing is a tool used to help prevent fraudulent checks from posting against business accounts. By sharing key information about the legitimate checks issued, Lyon County State Bank and its business customers are able to fully control, monitor, and review out-going paper payments and thus detect potential fraud.

  • Check issue files are imported and/or manually entered into a secure on-line portal by the customer and used to verify the checks posting to the account.
  • Checks without the appropriate Positive Pay Processing issue record reject before they are posted to an account and are reported as exception items.
  • Checks converted into ACH withdrawals will be verified when the transaction contains a check number if the business chooses this additional option.

The Positive Pay Processing web interface allows LCSB customers to submit files directly and perform user administration tasks (setting up new users, resetting passwords, and unlocking user logins) without bank intervention. The customer can view issued items and access the images associated with paid transactions. When exception transactions occur, an automatic email notifies the customer. He or she then accesses the web site to download exception reports and makes the appropriate pay/return decisions for the exception items.

The Account Reconciliation web interface allows the customer to view transaction history and its associated images. The customer may optionally create a download file of the history transactions for import into a third-party check reconciliation product.

For more information and fees associated with this product, contact Lyon County State Bank.

Last Updated: May 4, 2016