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10 Tips to Green Your Home and Save Money Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, chances are you care about protecting the environment – and saving money. Here are some tips from Lyon County State Bank to help you do both. Location, location, location efficiency. Carefully consider the… Read More


Here are key tips to help your high school students begin to connect the facts of personal financial education with real-life opportunities … and then to begin implementing them. Get to know what taxes are: If you haven’t already, review a pay stub together and explain that the taxes… Read More

Middle-school children are more likely to begin earning money outside of the house, and their increasing “wealth” and independence can open the door to costly impulse purchases. What advice can parents and guardians pass along to them? Work more, earn more: Create opportunities for your child to earn more… Read More

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by debt, it’s crucial to find a solution. FDIC Consumer News offers a few tips for what to do. Contact your lender immediately if you think you won’t be able to make a loan payment. “Lenders generally prefer to work with customers to find… Read More

While it’s important to pay your bills, it’s also wise to “pay yourself” — to contribute to your savings accounts, even in uncertain times when you may be strapped for cash. “During tough financial times, you may believe you cannot pay your bills and continue to put money into… Read More

Kids in this age group are ready for meaningful lessons about saving and spending money wisely. Many also are ready to open their first savings account, if they haven’t already. Here are key concepts to teach. Think before you buy: Continue discussing with children how to separate their needs… Read More

For people grappling with a history of debt payment problems, improving their credit record may seem like a daunting task. FDIC Consumer News offers these tips, which can help increase the chances of qualifying for better loan terms, lower insurance rates and perhaps even a new job or apartment.… Read More

Computer-related crimes affecting businesses or consumers are frequently in the news. While federally insured financial institutions are required to have vigorous information security programs to safeguard financial data, consumers also need to know how to protect and maintain their computer systems so they can steer clear of fraudsters. Here… Read More

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