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Brad Yount

Brad Yount

Brad Yount joined Lyon County State Bank as Executive Vice President and member of the Board… Learn More

Customer Appreciation Day 2018

Customer Appreciation Day 2018

Customer Appreciation Day was held on Friday, December 7th. Banking center guests got to enjoy homemade goodies made especially for them by the staff at Lyon County State Bank. At this year’s event we asked our customers to help us collect canned goods and non-perishable food items, to stock the shelves… Learn More

New Standards for Credit Report Accuracy May Help Consumers

The three major consumer credit reporting companies — Experian, Equifax and TransUnion — have new standards to enhance the quality of the credit reports they produce. The changes are in response to a 2015 legal settlement requiring action by these companies to reduce errors on credit reports. Incorrect or… Learn More

Thinking of Co-signing a Student Loan? Know the Risks

Many parents and grandparents dream of helping loved ones attend college and post-graduate programs. One way to help them qualify for a student loan or obtain a loan at a lower interest rate is by being a co-signer. When co-signing a loan, you are promising to pay the loan… Learn More

Madison Days 2018

Madison Days 2018

Lyon County State Bank helped kick-off Madison Days with an annual hotdog feed on Friday, June 8, 2018. Each year Chuck Smith joins us with his custom built smoker to cook over 1000 Fanestil All Beef Hotdogs! Other events from the weekend include a free swim at the city pool,… Learn More

Dirty Kanza Gravel Expo

Dirty Kanza Gravel Expo

It was another fun filled weekend of events for the Dirty Kanza in Emporia, Kansas. In addition to over 2500 riders taking on the beautiful and challenging Flint Hills, locals were able to take part in the annual block party which includes tons of food, fun and bell ringing!… Learn More

Beware of ATM, Debit and Credit Card ‘Skimming’ Schemes

How to help protect yourself from high-tech thieves who steal account information You may have heard in the news that automated teller machines (ATMs) are being targeted by criminals who secretly attach high-tech devices to the machines in order to record consumers’ keystrokes and steal or, as it is… Learn More

Cost of Rent

Does the high cost of rent have you down? It turns out it could have a major long term effect on your finances too. I came across an interesting study last week from Rent Café that says millennials spend about $93,000 on rent by the time they turn 30.… Learn More

How to Dig Out of Debt? Grab More Than One Shovel

 Millions of Americans are dealing with debt overload every day. If you’re struggling to pay your loans, credit cards or other bills, here are some steps you can take to begin managing the problems. Create a budget. Budgeting gives a clear picture of what you can afford so you… Learn More

National Credit Education Month

National Credit Education Month

March is National Credit Education Month, which is a great reminder to self-assess our financial goals. Where do you want to be in 5, 10 or even 20 years from now? It’s never too early to start thinking about the future. Whether you are in the early stages of… Learn More

Safe Mobile Banking: Tips for Protecting Yourself

Using a smartphone, “tablet” computer or other mobile device to manage your finances can be convenient and help you monitor your money from practically anywhere. At the same time, it’s important to take steps to protect your account information. Be proactive in securing the mobile device itself. Depending on… Learn More

Protecting Your Finances If a Disaster Strikes: Are you Prepared?

Ferocious storms, earthquakes and other disasters rarely give advance warning and can happen anytime. Whether a natural catastrophe strikes an entire community or a fire destroys a single home, the consequences for the survivors can be traumatic, including severe financial losses from uninsured property, the destruction of vital documents… Learn More

Tips that can help you fine-tune your money management

Is it time for your financial checkup? Any time of year, but particularly the start of a new year, is a good time to reflect on how you are managing your finances and to consider whether you would benefit from some changes. Here’s a checklist of questions and suggestions… Learn More

Banking Tips for Small Businesses: A Checklist for Entrepreneurs

Getting or keeping a business up and running can be rewarding, but it also can be risky and time-consuming. Here are some simple strategies that may help entrepreneurs and other small business owners get the most from their banking relationships and avoid frauds or scams. The Basics Prepare or… Learn More

Adopt a Family Program Christmas 2017

Adopt a Family Program Christmas 2017

LCSB staff adopted two families for Christmas through SOS this year.  Staff raised over $1,300.00 through the Casual for a Cause program, which allows staff to wear jeans on Friday’s for $5.00.  In addition to the funds raised, many staff members contributed additional money to pay for some basic… Learn More

Estate Planning and Banking

How to Protect Money for Your Heirs in FDIC-Insured Accounts Among the many reasons people put significant sums in FDIC-insured deposits is to keep that money safe — for themselves and for their heirs. While the FDIC doesn’t recommend particular financial products or strategies for achieving your estate-planning goals,… Learn More

Simple Ways to Rev Up Your Savings

You can meet your goals with automated deposits and investments Many people starting out in their careers find themselves burdened with lots of debt (perhaps from student loans, credit cards and car loans) and very little savings for future needs. But there are simple strategies for gradually building small… Learn More

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